Sunday, October 4, 2009

Once on a Christmas eve

It was the street of England and the street was very buzy with the people.The snow covered the whole street.It was the month of december. There are only
10 more days left for christmas. The children are making snow balls and playing by throwing it at eachother. Alice was also in the game. We can see that she is the naughtiest of all .
Accidently Alice'S snow ball hit Mr Grumped .
He shouted at her ," You naughty girl ,Alice you are the daughter of Mrs. Helen right ?wait and see ...let me complain about you to your mom"
But she didnt mind what he is shouting for..
After rolling about on the snow and enjoying much ,she reached home and she shouted at her mom," MO...M... Ithink I need a hot cofee."
"AHA! wait ,I heard a news that you
hurt Mr. Grumped with your snow ball",her mom cried.
"But was an accident ",she said. "Oh...... excuses every time .you are telling that it was an accident for all the complaints of yours.Christmas is nearing. Atleast in the month of december can't you stop your mischieves..? "warned her mom .
"Yes mom", cried Alice.
"Ye...s", Alice's mom emitated her."What is the meaning of it?
Alice went angrily into her room stamping hard on the ground.
Then alice's mom heard a knock on the door.
She opened the door. It was a child .She understoond that the child has come to complain about Alice .Then the child began .."Aunt .my name is Mary I am a classmate of Alice. Yesterday at school Alice broke my new pencil box and she scribbled on my new drawing book.........."
"Finished ? asked Alice's mom taking a deep breath .
'Hmm,my complaint is over but our classteacher also had asked me to tell her complaints also.
"Again!!!!!!!!!!!?" Alice's mom screemed .The child continued.." she will not listen in the class and she will distrub the class asking unwanted questions and...........and.........."
"ENOU.........GH !!!"shouted she and closed the door.Then she went to Alice's room .she was dancing and bouncing on her bed.When her mom opened the door she stopped dancing .
"look , if you don't stop your mischief Santa wont like you and he will not give you gift for this Christmas okey..mind it "
She burst into tears .Sadly she went to bed looking at the shining full moon. Soon she fell asleep. After 2hrs she heard a laughter.. HO HO HO !!!!!!!!!!!!
"SANTA.......",she cried .
Santa has a red nose and red cheecks eyes ..she slowly went and touched santa's red fluffy coat .Then she told sadly ,"I am a bad girl ..right?
No ,Not at all.. All are equal for me .you are not bad but you are too naughty . ding dong ...He told something .."now you will be a good girl "
"""""PUFF "''''''he put a magical powder on her face
She fell into a deep sleep.
Santa kept a beautiful gift on her bed and rode off in his sleigh far far away .......................................................Was it all a dream...????????